Technology in the Classroom Part 1: Web 2.0

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Ten years ago the Internet was pretty limited on what it could do and who actually used it. I remember when the Internet started to get plugged into schools. It was 1996 and I was in my senior year of high school and we just passed a bond placing Internet access in each classroom for students to use. Each student was also given his or her own email address. This was back in the day when Eudora was real popular and webmail was Description: Machintosh HD:Users:nsandberg:Desktop:j0426562.jpeg not around much yet. Few people had email address and if you did you were lucky. Now days everyone has some sort of email and access to the Internet, even if it is using it at your public library. This is even true for teachers. They either have it at home or in their classroom. Now while I was barely brought up in the digital age, and educators older than I were even less so, students of today and tomorrow are definitely being raised under a digital umbrella. There are lots of things that the Internet can be used for in the classroom. More


Web 2.0 Tools for Educators

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I created this list using Google Docs and I update my Google Docs spreadsheet on a regular basis, but I do not update the Scribd PDF version regularly. I have included a link to the Google Docs version down below.  The Google Docs version contains the links to each website.

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